Auto Dialler

Auto Dialler: A simple but effective way of enhancing your security systemAuto Dialler Doncaster

Having an auto dialler installed with your intruder alarm system is a very effective addition.  It will give you the added reassurance that you, or someone you have chosen, will be alerted if the alarm is activated.

An auto dialler is an ideal alternative to a monitored system because you will only incur the cost of the installation rather than committing yourself to an expensive monthly contract with a monitoring company that will also require you to have your alarm serviced twice a year as part of the contract.

The Texecom speech dialler is wired directly to your alarm system and if the alarm is activated it will call in sequence up to 8 pre-programmed telephone numbers (landline or mobile) until the pre-recorded message is acknowledged. Once the dialler receives acknowledgement the sequence stops and the auto dialler is reset.

The Texecom Speech Dialler comes with a host of powerful features

Listen-in mode/ Voice Messages/ Call Abort/ Call Acknowledgement

Talkback mode/ Remote Access

If you don’t have a landline, Pulse Security Systems can install a GSM auto dialler which will require either a pre-paid or contract SIM card.

Call us now for a free no obligation quote.  All auto diallers come with a full two-year warranty.


Auto Dialler Doncaster